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Frequently asked questions

What if...

Q: I want to know the cost?
A: Each message will cost 0.15 Units (1 unit is US$1).

Q: I received more than one message.
A: Some phones can not handle the size of one message. They show 2 or more messages.  The cost is for one message.

Q: I send a message and I do not get a reply?
A: This can happen when the system is down. Normally a reply is sent within 30 seconds.  As soon as the system is back on line you will receive a reply.  Please do not continue to send more messages as you will be charged for each one.

Q: I do not own a mobile phone?
A: Use a friend’s phone. 

Q: I do not own a mobile phone will you give me a one?
A: No.

Q: I do not subscribe to Celtel?
A: The system currently only works on Celtel. Use a Friend’s phone!

Q: I cannot contact the trader?
A: Try again later but only contact traders during working hours.
All traders are contacted every week by the system operator using the telephone numbers in the system. If you still can not contact the trader then phone the system operator on 097-773003, or send a message.

Q: I get a different reply than my friend when sending the same message?
A: There are 2 possible reasons why this can happen.
- The system will not recognise the space when typed using some older phone models! You will receive information on the best prices in Zambia rather than the district/province. Please use a friend’s phone if you get have this problem.
- You may have missed typed the message! Please try again.
Q: I don’t have transport?
A: The system does not cater for this at the moment.

Q: I have a complaint or query?
A: Contact the ZNFU operator on 097-773003 or send an email to, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Q: Is there another way of accessing the information?
A: Yes, the information is available on this website, here at
Many towns have an internet café where you can access the website.
If necessary, seek the help of DACO, ZNFU DFA, ASP or PROFIT personnel etc. to access the information.